Our slogan is 90% against 10%

Dhanwan Bharat Party

Party goals

1 - Diesel & Petrol prices will be upto 30.0₹ & 40.0₹ per/Liters respectively.
2- India will be totally toll free. The entire toll across india will be removed within 12 months duration.
3- Price of gas cylinder will be upto Rs. 100 for those who fulfill the criteria.
4 -All the employees will get free hospital and pension services.
5- Minimum salary of small employees like Anganwadi etc. will be upto Rs.200 per/Day ie Rs.4000 per/Month.
6- Tractor, Seeds, Fertilizers, Medicines and other Equipment for farmers will be given at 0% GST. Farmer suicides Will be finished within 36 months.
7- Ambulance services will be provided to every villages across the entire country.
8- Every Indian child education up to 10th will be free of cost and afterward the students going to college will be provided with scholarships up to 10 Lacs with the help of a student card.
9- People with an annual salary upto 1 to 2 Lac will be provided with a free house i.e. absolutely free. They do not have to pay for the House Registration.
10- India's entire road will be pothole free within 37 months duration.

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Petrol diesel price

Crude oil cost in the international market was $ 100 per year since 2014. After some time, the same cost was reduced to 70 dollars per dollar. Nevertheless, his government has given tax on petrol and it has robbed us for 7 years. We charge Rs 20 for petrol and diesel. 40 rupees for the petrol diesel of those states which will work together with us. Work will be done till Due to this, an ordinary citizen can use a motor cycle for a cost of 1000 to 2000 rupees. You can survive every month. With this remaining amount, there can be a 15-day ration of his house from the house. Due to the lack of petrol and diesel prices, the cost of life essential things like vegetables and milk can also be reduced. And farmers will also benefit.

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Tax Reform

Most tax accounts will be done in the whole country. GST can be done more than half the work. Due to which the business class will get relief. And the value of things can also be reduced.

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Toll free India

Toll will be removed from all over the country. As a result, your time will be saved and petrol and diesel cost more because of the long cuts that are required to fill the toll. Sometimes because of toll, more petrol and diesel than toll caused havoc. According to one practice, the Lagbag collection of the whole country toll is 19,000 thousand crores. The fuel burning in wait is more than 125000 crores. Why this calculation is not understood by the government. Because it is among the 10% of those who collect the toll or is their relative.

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Free hospital and pension for all

Our social security system will also be upgraded like it is in Canada and France. In which all employees from peon to operator will get free hospital and life insurance under our health insurance. On the sudden release of work, every employee will be given half of his salary for six months. Today, pension does not even affect all government employees. According to our program, all the facilities given above can be obtained from private and government employees. It will be our endeavor that all the employees of India should get all the facilities. Which has never been done till date. This work will be completed in 12 months.

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Small workers and laborers

such as those working in factories or laborers in agriculture, Anganwadi at least Rs 250 / -. Received per day. And all these people will also be provided free hospital and living insurance. In 5 years people will make job cards for all the people. We will also end the contracting system. Because of this contract, our employees are exploited.

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Free education

We will provide free education to Indian children up to 10th and it will be made compulsory. Transport or books of cities or villages will also be given free of cost.

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Student card

Today more children, after 12 th, give their studies in the middle. This happens because of the economic circumstances of their family. Our student card will provide money for every child, their college fee, hostel tuition, books to carry forward. The limit of which will be 10 Luck. For that, the student will have to make only one agreement, the amount spent for him will have to be paid after the job. Future of children will also be made and people of big company will also be found.

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Farmer 'card

Farmers do not get money even after selling their crop. Sugarcane farmers have to wait for Dr Dr Sal. Then they have to take loan from the moneylender on interest. Slavery and Vyaj's money also does not take the name of Hone. With our Kisan Card, farmers will get 25% advance payment of their expenses at the time of sowing, they will have to return 25% of it after selling the crop without pledge and pledge. This program will be started in 12 months.
Today, farmers also have to give GST on agricultural equipment, tractor, fertilizer, seed medicines. All this will be brought to gst 0%.

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Farmer Suicide and SC ST Clay discrimination

till date no government has finished this problem because they try to win it by making it an issue. They know that there is no festival. This is shameful for our country. We want to finish it in the coming 3 years. No farmer will commit suicide due to the problem of economic problem, education of children, son-daughter, marriage or crop failure. Because we will reach every farmer's house and we will solve them before the troubles are faced. Make these plans available to the poor people, those who roam in the car are so poor that they take this money in their account before reaching them. And the people of the administration keep these poor people circling. Our worker will take this facility to his home.

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Ambulance Service

Today, people have no emergency service in the areas traveled in the last village and cities. At the time of delivery, you cannot take Orato to the hospital on time, and everyone has to face it, for this we open our own clinic and office in every tehsil of the whole country and by opening 2-3 ambulances everywhere, 24 cubic free service. Will be provided . Every village which is connected to the tehsil will be available there. Emergency services will also be available under our religious places program.

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Free house

This means home without money. Today our government promotes the builder in his name. The house which was sold in 20 blocks earlier, now sells in 25 blocks. Then 2.5 lakh rupees are worked on you in the name of subsidy. That means you will get a house of 20 locks in Sade twenty two blocks. The 2.5 lakh more you gave to the builder, the same 2.5 lakh rupees will be donated to the party of the builder Modiji. We do not have any such scheme, we will give free house. He will not even take the money for registration. There will also be no lottery system. Thus, we will give home to all the needy people who fall into two categories,
A Category - People living in metro city have 2 or more people in their family and their income is working for 2 lakhs per annum, all of them will be given homes.
B Category - People living in small towns and villages, whose income is less than 1 lock annually, will also get this house.

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Pothole free roads

What is potholes? This is a hen's egg with a golden egg. Because whatever contractor makes the road, it makes such that in six months, the pits are covered. So fill them with money to keep the government going. So this is gold eggs for him. Your vehicle falls apart or you fall into it and they do not care. In this four years, in the development of Modi ji's government, the road of Mumbai was made to break the record of Guinness Book In Germany, it is very rainy and snow falls, yet it does not break the roads. Yes, we will make such roads which will be guaranteed for 10-20 years. Even if we had to get this work done by a German company. This work will be completed in 12 months in Metro City and in 38 months in the entire country.

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Clean India

Under this program of Modi and toilet program, B.B. J. P. K Rishtadar definitely became a new cropper. But the cleanliness is not seen in Modiji's Delhi and also in Mumbai. Tokyo's population is equal to Mumbai and Delhi. Yet what a clean city it is. They generate gas and electricity from this waste. We will also complete this work in 24 to 36 months.

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Railway bridge and station

British people were set up railway lines all over the country. And stations were made. Even after 400 years, we could not get them repaired. People die. To cross these bridges, people have to go like black and white in the morning and after announcing one death, the minister announces 5 locks. It is the cost of life of a citizen of India. And for the Minister, 1-2 dinner and lunch money. We will use the speed of the train in the coming 5 years, 10 new bullet trains. All the stations will be modernized like outside countries.

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Wealthy India will hire 2 crore young-graduates for the central government in the first 6 months. With the development of our program, in 3 years there will be so much employment that none of them will be unemployed and we will have to bring employees from abroad.

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Corruption will end like this after money and employment. All employees will be offered bonus and bonuses. Warning will also be given with that. If caught, the suspension and checking will not be conducted directly. This work is also the goal of completing in 37 months. If you want all this, then support. 90% of us have lost 60 years. The same thing of these people is new every 5 years with a new cap. We sell our little votes for a little money, and for liquor. With your help, we will be able to escape from this trap of 10% people. Will be able to save the coming generation from this slavery. We will never take other party's people and defectors in our party. In the last 6 years, these people do not remember how many parties have changed, these people only talk about votes. Whichever way they tie themselves in the issue of religion, caste, language, reservation, they do not have any idiology. Only how to stay in power or they are lax. This is a rich India which is unwavering, it is the future of India. We need 90% of our people. This is history making. And this storm is never going to stop. And this revolution has to happen. We have well-educated people who want to work for the country. Such people that we need. We do not need a prince or a big tycoon. Who buys the government before Banne. Do not sell this time. All our programs are special or caste. Religion, language, or reservation is not for the state. But every Indian citizen is for everyone - men, women, children, elderly. Gas cylinders will be cheaper or petrol, diesel prices will be lower then all Indians will be benefited.

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